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Financial Rewards

Credit on your Card
Credit on your Card
Credit on your Card
American Express

Credit on your Card

Please log in

Please log in to your Membership Rewards account to redeem points or add an item to your Wish list.

Redeem your points for a credit to your Card, then use this additional credit to buy whatever you like. Amounts credited will appear on the first billing statement following redemption. Reward not available to Corporate Card accounts.If you hold multiple American Express Cards linked to the one Membership Rewards Account, the Points for Credit redemption will automatically be credited to the Primary Card Account only.

Denomination Points Required
$50 8,000
$100 14,500
$250 36,000
$500 69,000
$1000 130,000

The redemption of Points for Fee will be administered by American Express within 3 business days

Points may be redeemed by the Basic Cardmember for a credit on the Primary Card Account. American Express may decline a Points for Credit request where the Card Account or Cardmember’s other accounts with American Express are not in good standing. The redemption of Points for Credit will be administered solely by American Express within 3 business days and cannot be reversed. Redeeming Points for Credit is not available for redemption by Corporate Card accounts and is not redeemable for cash via Credit balance refund.